SPM Result 2016

1. Arina A+
2. Stephanie, A
3. Noel, A
4. Sadatt, A
5. Yi Xuan A- (from 35% in second term exam and scored A- in SPM)
6. Wei Khai B+ (from 10% in his trial exam and scored B+ in SPM)
7. Wen Chun B (from 21% in his trial exam and scored B in SPM)

Message from Parent

Message from Parent

IGCSE Oct/Nov 2016

1. Debby, A* in IGCSE Oct/Nov 2016 (Top Performer of Accounting in her school)
2. Germaine, A* in IGCSE Oct/Nov 2016
3. Ian, A* in IGCSE Oct/Nov 2016
4. Marc, A in IGCSE Oct/Nov 2016
5. SuEn, A in IGCSE Oct/Nov 2016
7. Darrell, A in IGCSE Oct/Nov 2016

He dropped his Account in Year 10. However, his mum wanted him to continue and decided to engage me as his accounting tutor in year 11. After 9 months of tuition, he showed a great improvement and confident! As a result, he scored A in his IGCSE exam!

Whether you are a good student, an average one or an underachiever, you have the potential to produce fantastic results!

You just need to create the desire for what you want, believe in yourself and learn the strategies to achieve success!


From average result in Year 10 (50-60%++) to 96% in IGCSE & highest in the school!

acc-tuition-5 acc-tuition-1


Message from Parent



SPM 2015


Tuition 1

Tuition 2

IGCSE Oct/Nov 2015 

Account IGCSE




SPM 2014


IGCSE May/Jun 2015 

She has been consistently getting 30-40%++ in Year 10 & 11 exam. She achieved 70% in IGCSE exam after 5 months tuition.


IGCSE Year 11



SPM 2015


Latest track record:

Prinsip Perakaunan
1. Jasmine, Form 4
Scored 89% in her mid-term exam

2. Ayden, Form 4
Improved from 45% to 77% in his monthly test

3. Hannah, Form 5
Improved from 33% to 69% in her mid-term exam

4. Tiffany, Form 5
Scored 90% in her exam

5. Sze Xuen, Form 5
Her basic was very weak. She came to me on March and has a great improvement. Her result was improved from 30%+ to 70%. She scored 75% in her trial exam.

6. Aina, Form 4
Improved from 25% to 63% in her final exam

7. Hui May, scored A in SPM 2014

8. Nabihah, Form 5 (2015)
Never pass in her account exam, achieved 75% in first term exam after 1 month tuition

IGCSE Accounting 
1. Catherine, Year 10
Scored 89% in term assessment

2. Wan Thing, Year 11
Scored 83% in term assessment

3. Melissa, scored A in IGCSE May/Jun 2015

4. Yee Chew, scored A* in IGCSE May/Jun 2015

5. Stella, scored A in IGCSE May/Jun 2015

6. Ariadne, scored A* in IGCSE Oct/Nov 2015
7. Lee Ying, scored A* in IGCSE Oct/Nov 2015
8. Hui Yin, scored A* in IGCSE Oct/Nov 2015
9. Niki, scored A* in IGCSE Oct/Nov 2015
10. Yi Xue, improved from B to A in her mock exam after intensive class

1. Jun Jie, Form 2 (Private Chinese School)
Imrpoved from 32% to 61% in his exam after tuition for 3 months

2. Aini, Form 1
Scored 87% in her exam

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