Trial Balance

It is a list of the balances on the accounts in the ledger at a certain date

Purpose of a trial balance:

  1. Can help in locating arithmetical errors. However, the balancing of the trial balance is not proof that the entries in the ledger accounts are completely free from errors
  2. It is useful in preparing financial statements

6 unrevealed errors

1. Error of commission

Transaction is entered using correct amount, on correct side, but in the wrong account of the same class

2. Error of complete reversal

Correct amount is entered in the correct accounts, but the entry has been made on the wrong side of each account

3. Error of omission

Transaction has been completely omitted

4. Error of original entry

An incorrect figure is used when a transaction is first entered in the accounting records.

5. Error of principle

Transaction if entered using the correct amount and on correct side, but in the wrong class of account

6. Compensating errors

These occur when 2 or more errors cancel each other out.